We aim to develop,  produce, and promote “The Black Experience” seasoned in the African Diaspora through the medium of performance; educating ALL people about the healing effects of performance arts and culture.


From its inception, there has been mystery around Ashé Arts, this artistic entity that just popped up to mesmerize the masses with its healing and entertaining abilities. Edutainment. That’s what we provide. But what are we and what do we do anyway? Well, that’s hard to say because Ashé Arts is not a commodity. It is a movement. Since 2015, it has undergone many transformations. Like the butterfly, we are ready to show off our wings!

Come enjoy an intimate night with us. We want to get to know you. Show you who we are and most importantly, WHY we are. But really, we want you to enjoy yourself. Let us entertain you!

- Cocktail Hour w/sampling of food from local cooks from the African Diaspora
- Raffle + Silent Auction
- Metamorphosis of Ashé Arts (presentation)
- "A Day in the Life" Bidding

1 for $30 | 2 for $50:



soulful movement series4.jpg



Ashé Arts is growing and we need your help! We are in need of volunteers to help us be our best selves. We need assistance with Administration, Production, Marketing and Fundraising support. If you are interested and have the time and drive to assist, email: Provide your name, best way to contact you, how many hours you can assist, and what area you could volunteer in.

Thank you!