The Art Of Practical Divinity

illuminates the intersections of feminine and black, of divine and human. A discourse that has been ignored for so long is now coming to the forefront in popular culture, hailing the term “Black Girl Magic”. But we must not let the narrative be commodified into one dimension. The underlying question of this event is: what does one have to go through to move from ordinary to extraordinary? How does one operate the extraordinary within the mundane? We begin here, but it can speak to much more. The event facilitates the connection to the divine feminine for all in order to foster a shift in our cultural narratives around femininity. Synthesizing dance, song and elements of ritual theatre, this production manifests the experience of direct truth laced with beauty.

Warrior Goddess King is a part of the Melanated Experience -- a series of stories that describe the alchemy of “becoming” through “undoing” of societal influences and narratives. This intimate performance of movement, music an prose will run for two weekends and takes the form of a speakeasy.

November 8-9th & November 15-16th | 8PM

414 West Johanna Street, ATX

Online sales only! No tickets at the door!

VIP Happy Hour

opens up the discourse with the cast after each Friday show. Engage in discussion about the experience, the process and Ashe Arts in general over cocktails at a local bar. Enjoy special seating and snacks. Get the VIP tickets!

Arts Wellness Workshops

encourage the growth of courageous insistence through art. Engage in a workshop on how creativity can be used in transformation processes + explore it for yourself. By the end, you will have created your own ‘well-being too’l in the form of a short yoga practice, mindfulness practice or musical playlist. The donation based workshops will be held on November 7th and 14th at announced locations. Stay Tuned!